Automotive Website And Advertising Pricing

  • Auto Dealer Website

  • Yearly Plan

  • No. Of CarsNo. Of Cars
  • Fully responsive design Fully responsive design
  • Mobile friendly HTML5 and CSS3Mobile friendly HTML5 and CSS3
  • Easy to use admin panel Easy to use admin panel
  • HostingHosting
  • Domain registrationDomain registration
  • Features

  • No. Of Carsupto 1,000 Cars
  • Fully responsive design yes
  • Mobile friendly HTML5 and CSS3yes
  • Easy to use admin panel yes
  • Hostingyes
  • Domain registrationyes

Did You Know?

* Dealer site visitation continues to climb.
   Usage has doubled to 35m since 2007

* Nearly 1 in 3 purchasers visited dealership sites

* Prospects visit dealership websites when they are ready to buy

* Purchasers search to navigate to online sources


AIMS Dynamic Advertising Solutions


  • AIMS Promotion

  • Days per month
  • Number of cars advertised
  • AIMS model level search on Google
  • AIMS display for branding with Google
  • AIMS remarketing with Google
  • Ongoing campaign reporting, optimization
  • The Fast Lane

  • Rs.30,000 & above

  • Full month
  • Up to 50
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes

Multi location and large dealers contact us for your custom solution.

Common Questions

Can I only buy a website and not advertise?

Absolutely. For best results we recommend AIMS integrated advertising solutions but we are happy to provide you a website without an advertising package.

Can I advertise my existing website with you?

Sure. With AIMS websites and advertising packaged together you will give your website visitors the best, most productive experience possible, but we are happy to run advertising campaigns with your existing site.

Where will I advertise?

All of our campaigns features Google Search and search Partner as well as quality sites in the Google Display Network. We are happy to run across networks including Yahoo/Bing and Facebook, just contact us for a custom package.

Will you provide SEO services?

Sure. Your AIMS website is built with SEO in mind. Ongoing SEO focuses on local search to make sure potential buyers in your area can easily find you.

Who will manage my inventory?

AIMS websites make it super easy to manage your inventory. However, if you like we can manage your inventory for an additional fee.


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